Elementary Program

6 - 12 years of age

Mindful Montessori Academy is the result of our vision in the importance and responsibility of educating a child. Through the 14 years of experience with Kinderland Montessori and careful research, we learned that Montessori is the only education program that has a special interest in the child’s self-esteem and emotional development.

Through personal experience we have learned that in the end, it is not only the Academic education and preparedness that is important for a person’s success, but the person’s emotional stability and foundation that plays the most important role in a person’s life.

Elementary years are very important in a child’s life, especially in the emotional side.

With this in mind, we have studied and researched for important and specific classes that must be present during these years in a child’s life.

With this in mind we have carefully selected to include in our Academic Curriculum: Mindfulness, Art, Gardening, Yoga, Music and Languages.

The elementary classroom is a multi-age classroom setting for ages 6-12. The lessons are personalized and given at each student’s pace. While independent work is encouraged, students also work in groups so they may learn to work cooperatively and develop strong social skills.

In the Montessori program, our students acquire the foundational skills they need for success in school.

The Montessori elementary curriculum is divided into 6 subject areas:


In a bilingual (English/Spanish) environment. The curriculum also enriches other studies learned with the 5 Great Lessons.

Off campus learning is a major component of the Montessori approach to education. Children enrich their academic lessons through multi-sensorial learning experiences off campus, including field trips and other interactive activities.

Our Academic curriculum exceeds by far even the most ambitious standards set by any public school.

Lower Elementary (1st to 3rd grade)

Upper Elementary (4th to 6th grade)

Imagine a space where your Elementary child can learn confidence, kindness and empathy, a place where your child cam feel that learning is exciting and enjoys the process of problem solving, analyzing problems and making guesses without the fear of getting the answers wrong. They are simply enjoying the process of learning.

Students work in an environment that is conductive to learn courtesy, tolerance and respect of others. They are taught to make decisions, use their time wisely and see mistakes as an opportunity to learn. These are all skills they will meed throughout their lives.

In the Montessori Elementary programs, children learn to express themselves and to self-teach by researching. Through research, they are able to share am abundance of knowledge with each other.

The Montessori Elementary programs combines physical and emotional development with traditional academics disciplines taught in traditional schools:


This non competitive environment fosters a love of learning and allows their natural curiosity to lead the way.