Infant Program

3 - 24 months

The Montessori Infant Program is also referred as “nido” or nest. It is a peaceful and loving space where babies can explore, learn and feel secure. Teachers speak in gentle tones, furniture is child size and the environment invites the child to explore upon their curiosity and mobility, not just their age.

We accept children from 3 months old to 24 months. After age of 18 months a child may begin transition to the toddler program. Please note that space availability is also a factor.

Our main goal at the nest classroom is that each child brain is wired for language acquisition, to provide an environment for the child to learn thorough plenty of reading, singing and working with montessori materiales, special mobiles and images to stimulate brain development, as well as a variety of tactile objects for children to explore. The classroom has many opportunities for movement because this is the period when infants learn to roll over, sit, crawl and walk.

You will find that our classroom is equipped with soft floor mats, mirrors for self discovery, small ramps snd child sized stair cases, pictures at child’s eye level, toys for grasping, carts to push, soft music in the playground, songs and instruments used throughout the day.

The nest Classroom has a 12 student to 3 teachers ratio.